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Alan and David Pinn, circa 1990

Pinn Bros. Fine Homes was started as a mere construction company founded in 1976 with a single mission: to build structures with enduring value and the potential to become timeless.

It began with a simple, but exceptionally lovely A-frame cabin in Lake Tahoe that was Alan Pinn's dream vacation home in the early 1970s. Not long after its completion, he sold it and built another one nearby with his brother, David. Soon, they were building year-round homes in San Jose, California.


The Pinn Bros. created a market for their excellent workmanship and went from building only move-up single-family homes to building condominiums, townhomes, apartment communities, office buildings, hotels, and custom homes. Pinn Brothers Fine Homes became one of the Bay Area's largest and most successful homebuilders. 

Without exception, each of the Pinn Brother's developments offers a superior location. Alan Pinn is responsible for land acquisition and has a knack for finding excellent property in established communities. Each development is designed to harmonize with and enhance its surroundings. Parks and recreation areas, easy access to employment centers, and desirable school districts are primary considerations when Pinn Brothers Fine Homes choose to develop an area.

Though Alan and David Pinn have come a long way since building their dream cabin in Lake Tahoe, Pinn Brothers Fine Homes remains a small family organization committed to providing homebuyers with quality, distinctive architecture, and value.


In the early 1980s, Alan brought his nephew, Chuck Bommarito on to focus on high-end custom homes. In the early 1990s, Alan brought his son, Greg, in to oversee purchasing and the marketing of their distinctive new home communities. Currently, Alan focuses on building exceptional vacation homes on the Big Island of Hawaii. While Chuck and Greg attend to the Bay Area Developments.


"Our family name is on every home we build."

-Greg Pinn


Jeff Curran, Dale Garren, Greg Pinn, and Chuck Bommarito, circa 2004

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